Meet Reginald. He is voting for the first time in his life this year after spending 26 years in prison. He has a new lease on life because his community voted to restore his rights. Let's work toward building a country that respects the humanity, dignity, and human rights of all people - through the power of our votes. 
Client: The Leadership Conference of Human and Civil Rights                              Production Company: Modern Born                                                                              Director: Dave Clark                                                                                                    Producers: Ricardo Sosa, Dave Clark, Kwamina VanDyke Executive Producer: Sakira Cook Cinematographer: Ricardo Sosa AC/Gaffer: John Rolewicz Sound Mixer: Richard Randolph Original Score: Matt Pavolaitis Violin Performance: Mari Haig Makeup: Aisha Sulaiman Production Assistant: Alame Doherty Learn more:
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